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The Movie Critique
Movie Games


write your own Hollywood screenplay

Movie Boss

a movie theater simulator where players book the films being released in theaters, and compete to build a national chain

Cinema Free Net

Finds matches for actor, actress, director etc. and can link movies. Pretty Cool!

The Jurassic Park Interactive Game

You can outwit a velociraptor on this online game

Fantasy Film League

You have a budget to choose actors and directors to make the most profit

Secrets of the Stars Game

Trivia about the actor of the day

The Casablanca Game

Trivia about the classic Humphrey Bogart film

Trivia Bytes

This is a game where you listen to a quote and pick which movie it is from

Cinema Bytes

Typical movie trivia, mostly quotes and lines from trailers to twist you mind

The Movie Game

This is the game where you link actors and actresses together through movies they have been in. A list of challenges are included.

Quiz Site

This game is trivia of specific movies with different levels of difficulty

Star Wars Trivia

Movie Trivia about the Star Wars movies


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